Mural Routes is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that works with many individuals, volunteers, groups and agencies to achieve its goals. While many of our projects take place in Toronto, we also serve the mural communities across Ontario, and maintain connections with mural artists and organizations around the world.


Mission and Mandate

To teach, learn and share valuable insight in mural art.

Mural Routes is dedicated to the promotion of wall art as a public art form for the general benefit of communities and artists. Our aims are:

– to educate, engage and enhance communities through public art murals;

– to share information that will help to elevate the quality and status of mural art;

– to secure a place for murals of all kinds within the larger context of the arts in Canada.


Mural Routes works with artists, communities, businesses and government agencies to encourage, promote and create public art murals. Mural Routes is internationally recognized for providing a network in Canada that specifically serves the needs of artists involved in mural art, and has created a special niche within the arts community regarding all aspects of mural production. The Mural Routes website is recognized as being one of the most comprehensive available resources for mural art.

Mural Routes is a leader in the fields of production, maintenance, education and consultation of public art murals. Respect for creative freedom, artists’ rights, fair competition, professional jury processes, adequate compensation and work place safety, are amongst some of the issues that Mural Routes researches, practices and teaches. Youth initiatives and education in mural art are a high priority and are targeted through annual summer mentorship and training programs.

Brief History

Mural Routes was started in 1990 as a public art project of the Scarborough Arts Council with the purpose of celebrating unique features, events and heritage of Scarborough through art. It was incorporated as a separate organization in 1994.

Since then Mural Routes has assisted many communities and artists in creating outdoor murals that enhance their neighbourhoods. Mural Routes has run 10 National Mural Symposia across Ontario, in addition to four Toronto Artists’ Network meetings and other professional development workshops. Information from these events has contributed to the completion of Mural Production: A Resource Handbook, a valued resource for artists and administrators across North America and abroad.


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