Welcome to Week 3 of the Mural Routes Summer Crew progress!

Hello to fellow and new followers of the blog!

It’s Emilie from last summer‘s youth painting crew! I apologize for the incredible delay of updates for this summer’s great mural projects! It’s been a great year for many new prospects and this summer shows no differently!

Our team this year is comprised of four youth from this year’s very first Mural Routes Leadership Workshop, Nigel, Tara, Jia Wei, and myself, as well as two summer co-op students, Tien and Kevin. Alongside, a large group of youth workers and volunteers, we have one of the largest and diverse groups to work with.

During the first week, we all settled with some ice breakers and team-building activities, including a visit to the special Jumblies Theatre home at the Cedar Ridge Centre! Here are some photos that document our day.


We even began a face painting exercise to get comfortable with one another!

We have two projects underway:

1) Part two of the Bridging Project (Orton Park Rd. and Lawrence Ave. East)

– the South side of the bridge near the pedestrian sidewalk will be painted with inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, and key words celebrating diversity in the community!

2) A “fantasy meets reality” mural painted on crezone panels

-this will be designed and installed at the south east plaza of Birchmount Rd. and Lawrence Ave. East!

More details and photos in a later post this week! Stay tuned!


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