A look at our progress on the bridge…

So it has been close to two weeks where the Mural Routes crew have started painting on the bridge east of Orton Park Road on Lawrence Ave. East.

We have been blessed with great weather every day for the past two weeks, having to be delayed, but not by many hours last Wednesday due to some showers.

The crew has finished covering both ends of the bridge with large bodies of background silhouettes painted in grey concrete paint. We are now in the process of making touch-ups, making additional details, and adding extra layers of paint to the existing silhouettes.

Next week, stencils! Boy, are we ever excited for that! 😀 😀

Again, I cannot stress enough, if ANYONE is interested in volunteering half a day, a full day, or even more with the mural crew and helping us paint in this great project, please do not hesitate to contact our exec director, Karin @ karin@muralroutes.com with your hours of interest!
This is a great opportunity to explore your artistic abilities, meet some friends, and enjoy the wondrous outdoors! Come out and be part of a great outreach initiative!


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