The Bridging Project Crew Starts Painting!

the ravine looks gorgeous from the view up above on the bridge

Rob and Nigel chalk away to reveal background tree designs

After three long weeks spent indoors at Cornell Jr. Public School on Lawrence East, east of Scarborough Golf Club Road, designing layouts and cutting out stencils, the mural crew of the Bridging Project strode outdoors for the first time on Monday to begin painting on the bridge at Orton Park, on Lawrence East.

Starting from nine in the morning and working to a four p.m. cleanup each day, the mural crew has been sweating it out drawing and painting the backdrop scenes depicting silhouettes of trees, hills, grass, bodies of water, and flora.

Painted using a grey concrete paint medium, these silhouettes will be cast as shadows for the up and coming subjects in the foreground. We won’t reveal any ideas just yet of how they will look, so be sure to stay tuned in to learn more of our progress!

We have only started painting for a few days but are making our way productively across this incredibly expansive bridge. It has been great to receive feedback and friendly gestures from community pedestrians and passerby! This project has definitely extended a warm welcome for us to be a part of the Orton Park community and allow others in the community to reach out to us as well!

surf crew helps us paint

We are always looking for more volunteer painters to help us out on this great project! If you, or anyone you know may be interested in contributing a few hours a day to helping us paint the silhouettes, please email Mural Routes’ executive director, Karin Eaton ( with your desired days of interest. No painting experience is required, just a passion to engage in your local community! The mural crew also promises to provide a great laugh or two and make the experience all the worthwhile 🙂

Andrea from Cedar Ridge Centre helps us out for the day


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  1. Posted by aline desrochers on October 30, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    cool… i want to do that!!

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