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JOIN US for the unveiling of the Bridging Project!!

All our hard work and long days have culminated to bring you the SUBTEXT MULTI-ARTS FESTIVAL!! Come out and support the community!


Here comes COLOUR!

After weeks upon weeks of refining, touching up, and filling in missing areas of silhouettes with the grey, we are happy to announce the arrival of TURQUOISE paint!

On Wednesday, August 18th, the crew began taping and painting stencils corresponding to each season on the bridge.
These photos were taken on the Thursday following.

We started on scenes of Autumn

..moving to scenes of Spring/Summer..

..But having to rain down on our parade, a band of dark clouds swarmed the skies early into the afternoon, cutting off our painting time.

If the weather cooperates next week, the Mural Routes Crew will have that one week to cover the bridge in stencils! Then it’s time to UNVEIL!

A sneak peek under the bridge…

So during our last few weeks here at the bridge, we ventured to the ravine hiding underneath the bridge to seek out some treasures.
On the past Saturday (the 14th), grafitti artist, Mediah led a series of workshops on grafitti styles, demonstrations, and techniques at the East Scarborough Storefront. The youth that attended his workshops cooperated to design one of the pillars found underneath the bridge along the walking path.

We will be unveiling the entire Bridging Project including our finished bridge mural on the weekend of SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th and SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th!! Be sure to mark down these dates and come out to support our community project! We will have activities under the bridge (seen in these pictures) including live painting, local artist interaction booths, live grafitti work, flower planting, and more!!
Meet the mural crew and celebrate the community with us!

The Bridging Project: We’re almost finished!

We’re not quite there yet – regular pedestrians and passerby may have grown accustomed to the grey silhouettes that we’ve finished painting over the past few weeks. BUT FINALLY, we are adding another layer of colour to the mix – stencilled shapes in our chosen colour, TURQUOISE!

Today was our last day to work with our SERVE volunteers from Lester B. Pearson Collegiate. During our lunch break of pizza and cookies, we took a stroll down under the bridge to remark at the beauty we’ve been missing out on.

It was my first time under the bridge and boy did the height of the bridge actually surprise me!


Hey guys if you guys are interested and wanna support Mural Routes, make your way down to Bathurst and Lawrence to check out a new mosaic mural tomorrow at 11AM!!

A look at our progress on the bridge…

So it has been close to two weeks where the Mural Routes crew have started painting on the bridge east of Orton Park Road on Lawrence Ave. East.

We have been blessed with great weather every day for the past two weeks, having to be delayed, but not by many hours last Wednesday due to some showers.

The crew has finished covering both ends of the bridge with large bodies of background silhouettes painted in grey concrete paint. We are now in the process of making touch-ups, making additional details, and adding extra layers of paint to the existing silhouettes.

Next week, stencils! Boy, are we ever excited for that! 😀 😀

Again, I cannot stress enough, if ANYONE is interested in volunteering half a day, a full day, or even more with the mural crew and helping us paint in this great project, please do not hesitate to contact our exec director, Karin @ with your hours of interest!
This is a great opportunity to explore your artistic abilities, meet some friends, and enjoy the wondrous outdoors! Come out and be part of a great outreach initiative!

The Bridging Project Crew Starts Painting!

the ravine looks gorgeous from the view up above on the bridge

Rob and Nigel chalk away to reveal background tree designs

After three long weeks spent indoors at Cornell Jr. Public School on Lawrence East, east of Scarborough Golf Club Road, designing layouts and cutting out stencils, the mural crew of the Bridging Project strode outdoors for the first time on Monday to begin painting on the bridge at Orton Park, on Lawrence East.

Starting from nine in the morning and working to a four p.m. cleanup each day, the mural crew has been sweating it out drawing and painting the backdrop scenes depicting silhouettes of trees, hills, grass, bodies of water, and flora.

Painted using a grey concrete paint medium, these silhouettes will be cast as shadows for the up and coming subjects in the foreground. We won’t reveal any ideas just yet of how they will look, so be sure to stay tuned in to learn more of our progress!

We have only started painting for a few days but are making our way productively across this incredibly expansive bridge. It has been great to receive feedback and friendly gestures from community pedestrians and passerby! This project has definitely extended a warm welcome for us to be a part of the Orton Park community and allow others in the community to reach out to us as well!

surf crew helps us paint

We are always looking for more volunteer painters to help us out on this great project! If you, or anyone you know may be interested in contributing a few hours a day to helping us paint the silhouettes, please email Mural Routes’ executive director, Karin Eaton ( with your desired days of interest. No painting experience is required, just a passion to engage in your local community! The mural crew also promises to provide a great laugh or two and make the experience all the worthwhile 🙂

Andrea from Cedar Ridge Centre helps us out for the day