The Bridging Project

Hey everyone,

With the summer already in full swing, Muralroutes has organized yet another promising project to be finished by this September. The Bridging Project, as it’s called, hopes to transform a local and intimidating bridge in the Lawrence Avenue East area of Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park into a more accessible and securable path for pedestrians.

Rob Mateijka, resident mural artist and mentor, is leading a group of five youth artists and two volunteers to design, strategize, and lay out the foundation of the mural, which will be located on the north side of the bridge.

The theme of the mural is an integration of the community and nature within different seasons, with a focus on pedestrians, cyclists, and dog-walkers, the more frequent users of the bridge.

The initiative of the project is to stimulate more safety and awareness of the bridge and to recognize it as a symbol of community, uniting east and west regions beyond the borders of the bridge.

Here’s a look at the past two weeks in progress:

I will be updating this blog throughout this summer with more updates of the progress of this project on a regular basis.

You can also check out for more information on the project and an upcoming festival in September to unveil the final design!



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  1. Why do I look so surprised in that picture!?

    Nice work Emile,
    keep it up 🙂

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