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Media Materials and Techniques for Wall Art

Mural Routes Symposium in Midland, Ontario: “Changing the landscape”, the round table discussion, at the conclusion of the workshops, decided that there was a need for a running dialogue between artist on media materials and techniques of wall art.  As a result this page has begun to adress these concerns and to allow us all to access each others knowledge and experience with wall art.

This will be a collaborative post between all members on the media we use, the surfaces we work on, the preparation of these surface, the techniques we use to make our art, and how we protect it from weather and vandalism.

Feel free to leave your experiences, recommendations, and comments on this blog.  Each month there will be a new topic that concerns Wall Art making.  We look forward to your input.  Together we can learn from each other.

Thank you,

Michael Marcotte

Mural Routes Board Member