Beautiful City Billboard Fee Petition



If you have not done so already, please sign the BCBF petition here:


 This initiative will put a tax on billboards with the funds going to 

 public art. The proposal is currently under review at the direction of the 

 Executive Council of the City of Toronto: a staff report states that the 

 tax is likely to be rolled out in 2009 — if it goes to public art / 

 diversifying access to communication in public spaces or not is up to your 



 Please sign the updated petition by following the link above. Every 

 signature counts – this petition has already been extremely effective in 

 moving things along such as helping get enhanced billboard regulations 

 and bringing a handful of Councillors on side.


 The BCBF is endorsed by 36 organizations and 1060 individual signatories.

 Please sign, circulate, transduct, whisper, telepath, broadcast, pigeon, 

 telegraph, slit gong, semaphore, interpretive dance, sign (the other kind) 

 forward annndd invite…







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