Mural Route’s member exhibition

re8ery gallery Hosts:

KISS, an exhibition of works by Sarah Collard

Opening Reception: Thursday February 5 @ 7-11 pm

Exhibition closes on Tuesday February 17, 5 pm

Artist Statement:

Loud, colourful, RUSH: lively, musical oil and acrylic paintings by Sarah Collard emphasizing a rich, vibrant palette. KISS is fun, impressionistic and realistic. Youthful instruments entwine in a musical stanza; Staccato. Collard plays with the intrinsic, intuitive aspects of creating a composition. Songs play an integral part of our daily lives whether they are heard on the radio, surround sound stereo, in 4 part harmony, during a concert or in our congregational services. Music is an important part of our lives. It is a universal language that surpasses logic and goes straight to the soul. It communicates culture, language and identity yet in an emotive manner. This body of work suggests the human aspect of musical instruments and our dependence upon them.

The result is a series of bright abstractions. As the shapes increase in size they dematerialize and take on other meanings. This is when references can be made to the human form, whether it is our sexuality, desires or passion. The subject matter begins with cold, metal or wood but takes on other aspects when used, adored, laden, preserved and restored. A guitar that is kept from one’s youth and nursed through the years becomes ones ‘baby’. It is my hope that the viewer will relate to the work and sauté a fine cuisine.
Artist Biography:

Sarah Collard is a visual artist who has been working in Manitoba for over 15 years. Her work has been exhibited at the Cre8ery, Punch Gallery, Outworks, Mennonite Heritage Gallery, Medea and the Fleet Gallery. She has served on the Manitoba Association of Arts Education, is connected with the Cre8ery Gallery and is an active muralist who can be viewed on Collard has painted over 30 murals in Manitoba and Ontario.

She has been the recipient of various awards from Downtown BIZ mural festivals, the Islington Mosaic, the International Mural Symposium and the Manitoba Arts Council. As an arts educator she has taught for the Borderland School Division, the Louis Riel School Division and Linden Christian School. She also began studying towards a Masters in Education at the University of Manitoba.

Collard was born in Burlington, Ontario, moved to Manitoba in 1994, is a graduate from the University of Waterloo (BFA), Nipissing University (BED) and Sheridan College (Computer Graphics).

Exhibition will be fully mounted by Thursday February 5 for a media preview.

To view info online please follow this direct link:

Attached (hi-res) images for media use: Guitar Love & African drums by Sarah Collard

contact: Jordan Miller
cre8ery management
ph. 510-1623


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